January 21, 2022
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You don’t have to plan to become a president or superstar to seriously think about a personal brand. It can be done for different reasons: maybe you are going to get a better position, launch a startup or work in freelancing. Then you should definitely think about your own positioning. So, where to start in this case?

  1. Try to grasp what you strive for. Of course, it all starts with defining your own goal. The pattern of your actions will depend on what you want to get in the end – a new high position, the status of a star blogger, an SMM guru and a specialist in classical literature. If you don’t have such ambitious tasks, then you don’t need to start building a personal brand because you feel bored.
  2. Define your target audience. Depending on the tasks, you need to think about what people you will work for. The content you create will depend on this, as well as which platform you choose to host it – from a personal site to social networks. Today, most people start with the second option. It makes life easier.
  3. Find topics ​​you will broadcast. After defining your audience, you will also understand what values ​​they adhere to and what reaction you may cause. Accordingly, it will affect your behavior in public and help avoid misunderstandings with people.
  4. Think over your style and image. It is needed to emphasize the features of the company, to highlight its individuality. Today, corporate symbols are an integral part of the image for a company of any level. If you correctly chose your style, it will help the product or brand to be recognizable, inspires confidence in the buyer, etc., etc. But this is the essence of the creation of the brand.
  5. Be active on the Internet and social networks. Yes, many people don’t have enough time for social networks but don’t forget that they are still an excellent tool for building a reputation among the expert community. Here you can also get acquainted with experts from your environment and share valuable knowledge and news. In addition, competently leading your own accounts, giving interesting and useful information to people, you can quickly become a guru in a selected area, and even find a job through social networks.
  6. Participate in professional events. Everything is logical and understandable here: be sure to look for information on topical conferences and meetings. This will help not only learn a lot of new things but also give a chance to get acquainted with useful people. Perhaps, with time, you will become a speaker at an important event. The main thing here is not to be shy and not to go home until you exchange business cards with guests of a meeting.
  7. Be aware of your motivation. This is one of the main things of our existence. It is necessary to find those things that motivate you. Think about what you can offer the world, what motivates you. As an option, find your own abilities that help others. This is how you can convey your aspirations, dreams, mission, and values.