January 21, 2022
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Men think that women are emotionally needy and it is hard to satisfy them in a relationship. In reality, women aren’t usually clingy and hard-to-please, it’s that many guys don’t know something they talk about daily is a trigger. Together with the bebemur site,  we managed to collect top annoying things women would not want to hear in a relationship. So here they are:

1. “You look sad, you should smile more! “

Saying this to a woman quickly translates into “I can see that you have an amputated leg. Why don’t you grow a new one?” Women get infuriated when men say something without offering help or an alternative variant. Not only does it sound dumb and condescending, but you also show ignorance and inability to see a true problem.

2. “You look irritated. Are you on your period?”

According to some men, a “period” happens anytime a woman feels mild psychological discomfort, which can happen up to 15 times a month. Moreover, diminishing someone’s emotions and assigning them to physiology without knowing basic facts about the female body or experiencing being a woman sounds offensive and inadequate.

3. “Don’t start tearing up! You know I cannot handle crying!”

Men who think that being emotional is a manipulative tactic and can be regulated on command are sexist and offensive. This phrase often translates to ” I don’t care what you feel right now, but can you please not feel those emotions because they make me uncomfortable and I’m not responsible for the outcome.”

4. “I don’t do X”

Men who have an opinion about everything irritate women in relationships. Males who do not buy flowers, celebrate milestones or cook for their lovers because “principles” open translate the following idea: “I do not care if it makes you feel good or not, I’m not willing to change for anyone if it takes the even slightest compromise.”

5. “That’s how you do it, silly”

Mansplaining is something men find themselves comfortable in relationships. Even if your girlfriend doesn’t know how to fill a gas tank, fix the car, or install computer software doesn’t give you the right to diminish her intellectual skills because of lack of experience. Women rarely mock their partners for not being able to make an apple pie or communicate with relatives, however, food and social interactions are equally valuable as transportation and machinery, if not more valuable.

6. “She’s just a friend”

Women cannot help but feel jealous when you introduce another person into a picture. While most women can contain themselves without giving jealousy freedom if you compromise her trust, your girlfriend will have no other choice but to feel upset.

7. “Okay, but what does that mouth do”

Any serious topic that quickly escalates into a sexual remark pisses women off. If a man is unable to wait for the right occasion, constantly objectifying her girlfriend and missing the point of her story because he is unable to concentrate on two things at the same time, women get angry, and rightfully so.

8. “I forgot about it/I don’t know how to do it”

Sometimes when a partner constantly forgets about something important, women can’t help but feel gaslighted. They think that men, in fact, do not forget to do the chores, but it is easier to pretend like they don’t know. Sociological research shows that in most families, women do not trust men with grocery shopping (a basic mundane errand,) afraid that their husbands or boyfriends will forget to buy all the items from the list. Household immaturity is something women hate in a relationship.

9. “It’s not you, it’s me”

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