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How great it would be if men just opened their mouths and said, “I love you!” But women always have to wait for this milestone event. Of course, there are obvious signs of a man’s romantic feelings, such as an offer to live together. But there are also non-obvious ones which you should know. Now, we are going to tell you how to identify that your sweetheart is in love with you.

  1. He makes you laugh all the time

Constantly. It isn’t that a guy is an employed buffoon for you, but even the most pedantic and boring man begins to sparkle with audacious sense of humor as soon as he falls in love. After all, the easiest way to make a girl happy right away is to put a smile on her face. This is a completely natural mechanism that men do not even track. So, if the guy makes you laugh all the time, he definitely fell in love with you. And if you always find his jokes funny, then apparently, you fell in love too.

  • He laughs at all your jokes

It is regrettable, but true: for some reason, men are sure that women have absolutely no sense of humor – supposedly, they joke too neatly, and thus, dully. Of course, this is just a dense stereotype, but it’s so tenacious that even the most wonderful guys sometimes believe in it. However, men in love instantly forget about it. Moreover, they laugh heartily even at those your jokes that are really not very funny or comprehensible to them. So keep in mind: a man’s confession like “I feel so joyfully with you!” is tantamount to the unspoken “I love you!”

  • He wants to talk to you all the time

Enjoy this moment! If you reciprocate a man and your relationship begins to develop, keep in mind that this wonderful rose and candy stage will end sooner or later: the man will start to say just “yeah” and “uh huh”, instead of maintaining the conversation, and answer “okay” to 50% of the questions you ask him. But for now, first of all, the man wants to know everything about you. He’s really interested in talking with you for hours. And secondly, Ukrainian girls noticed that even if you talk about things that do not bother him at all, the guy still enjoys the conversation: after all, he can look at you and listen to your voice all this time.

  • He is acting strange

Strange doesn’t mean improperly. “Strange” means to behave in a way that is uncharacteristic of a man. For example, the life and soul of the party instantly loses all his eloquence, and an unremarkable timid boy suddenly begins to diligently attract the attention of others. Why does it happen? Because in your presence, an enamored guy feels embarrassed and is not able to collect his thoughts. After all, the man thinks only of you and how not to look like an idiot in your eyes. Although this is how he really looks at this moment. It’s so cute.

  • He introduces you to everyone who is dear to him

And to everything that is dear to him. The solemn acquaintance with a guy’s parents will take place later, but for now, you should wait for exciting excursions to his old stomping grounds (“Look, dear, I found a dead crow 25 years ago in this courtyard and built a crypt for it. Royal!”), his favorite books or music, and the obligatory acquaintance with people whom he considers close friends. And if the guy has a cat, a dog, or the Madagascar cockroach Edward at home, you will get to know them in the first instance. First, in absentia – the guy will proudly talk about the pet for hours, like a mother about her baby, and after that, he will introduce you personally. Yes, it will happen even if the mere thought of Edward’s noble mustache gives you the screaming willies.