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Men think that women are emotionally needy and it is hard to satisfy them in a relationship. In reality, women aren’t usually clingy and hard-to-please, it’s that many guys don’t know something they talk about daily is a trigger. Together with the bebemur site,  we managed to collect top annoying things women would not want to hear in a relationship. So here they are:

1. “You look sad, you should smile more! “

Saying this to a woman quickly translates into “I can see that you have an amputated leg. Why don’t you grow a new one?” Women get infuriated when men say something without offering help or an alternative variant. Not only does it sound dumb and condescending, but you also show ignorance and inability to see a true problem.

2. “You look irritated. Are you on your period?”

According to some men, a “period” happens anytime a woman feels mild psychological discomfort, which can happen up to 15 times a month. Moreover, diminishing someone’s emotions and assigning them to physiology without knowing basic facts about the female body or experiencing being a woman sounds offensive and inadequate.

3. “Don’t start tearing up! You know I cannot handle crying!”

Men who think that being emotional is a manipulative tactic and can be regulated on command are sexist and offensive. This phrase often translates to ” I don’t care what you feel right now, but can you please not feel those emotions because they make me uncomfortable and I’m not responsible for the outcome.”

4. “I don’t do X”

Men who have an opinion about everything irritate women in relationships. Males who do not buy flowers, celebrate milestones or cook for their lovers because “principles” open translate the following idea: “I do not care if it makes you feel good or not, I’m not willing to change for anyone if it takes the even slightest compromise.”

5. “That’s how you do it, silly”

Mansplaining is something men find themselves comfortable in relationships. Even if your girlfriend doesn’t know how to fill a gas tank, fix the car, or install computer software doesn’t give you the right to diminish her intellectual skills because of lack of experience. Women rarely mock their partners for not being able to make an apple pie or communicate with relatives, however, food and social interactions are equally valuable as transportation and machinery, if not more valuable.

6. “She’s just a friend”

Women cannot help but feel jealous when you introduce another person into a picture. While most women can contain themselves without giving jealousy freedom if you compromise her trust, your girlfriend will have no other choice but to feel upset.

7. “Okay, but what does that mouth do”

Any serious topic that quickly escalates into a sexual remark pisses women off. If a man is unable to wait for the right occasion, constantly objectifying her girlfriend and missing the point of her story because he is unable to concentrate on two things at the same time, women get angry, and rightfully so.

8. “I forgot about it/I don’t know how to do it”

Sometimes when a partner constantly forgets about something important, women can’t help but feel gaslighted. They think that men, in fact, do not forget to do the chores, but it is easier to pretend like they don’t know. Sociological research shows that in most families, women do not trust men with grocery shopping (a basic mundane errand,) afraid that their husbands or boyfriends will forget to buy all the items from the list. Household immaturity is something women hate in a relationship.

9. “It’s not you, it’s me”

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How great it would be if men just opened their mouths and said, “I love you!” But women always have to wait for this milestone event. Of course, there are obvious signs of a man’s romantic feelings, such as an offer to live together. But there are also non-obvious ones which you should know. Now, we are going to tell you how to identify that your sweetheart is in love with you.

  1. He makes you laugh all the time

Constantly. It isn’t that a guy is an employed buffoon for you, but even the most pedantic and boring man begins to sparkle with audacious sense of humor as soon as he falls in love. After all, the easiest way to make a girl happy right away is to put a smile on her face. This is a completely natural mechanism that men do not even track. So, if the guy makes you laugh all the time, he definitely fell in love with you. And if you always find his jokes funny, then apparently, you fell in love too.

  • He laughs at all your jokes

It is regrettable, but true: for some reason, men are sure that women have absolutely no sense of humor – supposedly, they joke too neatly, and thus, dully. Of course, this is just a dense stereotype, but it’s so tenacious that even the most wonderful guys sometimes believe in it. However, men in love instantly forget about it. Moreover, they laugh heartily even at those your jokes that are really not very funny or comprehensible to them. So keep in mind: a man’s confession like “I feel so joyfully with you!” is tantamount to the unspoken “I love you!”

  • He wants to talk to you all the time

Enjoy this moment! If you reciprocate a man and your relationship begins to develop, keep in mind that this wonderful rose and candy stage will end sooner or later: the man will start to say just “yeah” and “uh huh”, instead of maintaining the conversation, and answer “okay” to 50% of the questions you ask him. But for now, first of all, the man wants to know everything about you. He’s really interested in talking with you for hours. And secondly, Ukrainian girls noticed that even if you talk about things that do not bother him at all, the guy still enjoys the conversation: after all, he can look at you and listen to your voice all this time.

  • He is acting strange

Strange doesn’t mean improperly. “Strange” means to behave in a way that is uncharacteristic of a man. For example, the life and soul of the party instantly loses all his eloquence, and an unremarkable timid boy suddenly begins to diligently attract the attention of others. Why does it happen? Because in your presence, an enamored guy feels embarrassed and is not able to collect his thoughts. After all, the man thinks only of you and how not to look like an idiot in your eyes. Although this is how he really looks at this moment. It’s so cute.

  • He introduces you to everyone who is dear to him

And to everything that is dear to him. The solemn acquaintance with a guy’s parents will take place later, but for now, you should wait for exciting excursions to his old stomping grounds (“Look, dear, I found a dead crow 25 years ago in this courtyard and built a crypt for it. Royal!”), his favorite books or music, and the obligatory acquaintance with people whom he considers close friends. And if the guy has a cat, a dog, or the Madagascar cockroach Edward at home, you will get to know them in the first instance. First, in absentia – the guy will proudly talk about the pet for hours, like a mother about her baby, and after that, he will introduce you personally. Yes, it will happen even if the mere thought of Edward’s noble mustache gives you the screaming willies.


Buying a property when you are single is one of the most important investments in a person’s life. It doesn’t matter where we buy it – in New York, in Rome or in a small village without a name, the decision to buy a house should be carefully considered. In the article, we will consider basic things that need to be paid attention to when buying a country house.

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You don’t have to plan to become a president or superstar to seriously think about a personal brand. It can be done for different reasons: maybe you are going to get a better position, launch a startup or work in freelancing. Then you should definitely think about your own positioning. So, where to start in this case?

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While on holiday or a short business trip, hotels are often the most reasonable establishment to stay. They provide all the services one could require, usually with in-house restaurants, and access to local amenities. Yet, the cost of hotels and even the “convenience” can become an issue. Regardless of whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, corporate housing provides a more affordable and homier alternative to hotels.

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There are a lot of Bristol estate agents in operation. It is tough to know which one is going to be right for you. That is one of the reasons why we decided to put together this guide.

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How do you know if a Bristol letting agent is good? Well, that is a tough question to answer! However, we are going to give it a bash!

They have been in business for a while

A Bristol letting agent who is not renting out properties for their clients is not earning money. If they are not earning money, it means that they can’t stay in business. If a company has been in business for a few years (at least), then you can be sure that they have the processes in place to ensure that their clients earn the maximum amount of cash from their services. Basically, they are going to be filling properties. This is probably the main thing you want to be on the lookout for when you are trying to work out whether a letting agent is going to be good at their job or not.

They work with your type of property

They could be the best letting agent in the world. They could command the maximum rent from property every time and they ensure 100% occupancy with the best tenants ever. However, none of this matters if the letting agent in Bristol does not regularly deal with your type of property. When you are looking for a letting agent, you need to know that they have experience with your property type. There are several reasons for this, including:

  • It is likely that they have tenants that are lined up and ready to move into your property already. This is incredibly important. It means that these tenants have been vetted so you know that they are going to be good.
  • The letting agent is going to have a firm understanding of market conditions. This means that you can be positive that they are going to be charging the right amount of rent for your property. When they charge the right amount of rent, it means that you earn more. You do not want them to overcharge, however. After all, if a company overcharges, then your property is just going to be unoccupied for prolonged periods of time. This does not earn you a penny when this happens.

They are a delight to deal with

In an ideal world, there will never be an issue with your property. The rent will be paid on time. Your tenants will never have something break down on them. However, sadly, the last time that we checked, we do not live in an ideal world. This is why you need to find a Bristol letting agent who is going to be good to deal with. You want to choose a letting agent that is going to be able to get problems sorted out quickly for you. You want to minimize the amount of effort that you are putting into managing your property. It is going to be up to the letting agent! You are paying them, after all.


The content describes purchasing property at auction, the fundamental planning and steps needed to accomplish a effective property acquisition. Even though the general property market faces testing occasions auctions really are a market where deals can and therefore are being carried out.

These conditions have brought to quickly shifting criteria by lenders with funding lines which were formerly available either being withdrawn or altered beyond recognition, therefore how do i help you raising finance? I run a regional finance business with use of a panel well over 100 lenders, from high-street banks and institutional investors right through to merchant and banks, private wealthy individuals, groups and vc’s.

Whether your an experienced property investor or perhaps a novice, there’s no disputing property auctions are where remarkable bargains should be had at for individuals with experience for any deal. But how can you obtain finance inside a market where LTVs ratios are falling without getting to use substantial amounts of your family money.

Why make use of an auction? Many reasons exist why people consider selling or buying at auction they might want to move rapidly, they might be searching for any stretch of land for development, the home may involve repossession, or just they desire a quick purchase without the chance of gazumping. Also many buy to allow investors consider auctions due to the number of qualities displayed at anyone some time and naturally there the right place to bag a good deal.

With qualities which are re-possessed the loan provider that has taken possession from the property owes an encumbrance of care “an equity of redemption” towards the client who they initially given monies to. What this means is used that the loan provider who repossesses will normally offer these kinds of property within an auction and they also remain places where under value qualities can be purchased.

Want to find hot deals for Onze freehold at Tanjong Pagar? Check online to find reliable property sites, where you can find detailed information about different properties in the area, along with dedicated assistance for finding rental and homes on sale. You can even check prices and other details online.


Dwarka Expressway has already been approved by all the legal bodies concerning infrastructure and other buildings. One such important judicial body is Punjab Haryana High Court and even they have given a green light to residential properties which will be built on the lands adjacent to the Dwarka Expressway.

Dwarka Expressway status was hanging in thin air for a long time but with this confirmation many builders are already hovering on the top places adjacent to the Expressway to build townships or buildings as well.

Dwarka Expressway is also known as the Northern Peripheral Expressway and it will be around 150 metres wide and 18 kms long.

Faster development of properties

With the HC clearing the pending issues regarding Dwarka Expressway on 21st April, plots will be allotted for possession by developers or individual investors as well from April 10. The plots will be used to build lavish and comfortable apartments and townships for people who are planning to move on the expressway.

Around 14.5 km of the 18 km long Dwarka Expressway has already been completed which makes this project a top priority among the big realtors and other housing companies. The Dwarka Expressway is being built to connect Dwarka in Delhi to Kherki Dhaula in Gurgaon. This will make commute for people who work in these area and live on the other side easier and safer.

Why most developers are eyeing the properties adjacent to the expressway?

The real estate prices of the surrounding area of Dwarka may even to drop because of the optimum conditions which will be offered by the residential properties and townships being built near the expressway.

The expressway will provide for a faster route to many posh areas of Delhi and it will connect Gurgaon directly to IGI airport which is the international airport of Delhi. This is one of the biggest reasons why the real estate prices of the surrounding area will go down completely.

Experts have already stated that the houses which are developed near the airport are always top priority for everyone. Thus, townships which will be built there in the future will also have higher prices.

Not only this, but Dwarka itself is a well-developed township and the time and rate for travelling from Dwarka to Gurgaon will come down significantly, thanks to this expressway. Also, a diplomatic enclave and golf course is being planned in Dwarka which will add to the lavish expressway.

There are several legal blockages which are holding back the project because it is long and will pass through several kuccha roads in Gurgaon and Delhi as well. The first major issue regarding this Dwarka expressway status for hold-up from Punjab Haryana HC has already been cleared so this has come as a respite to the people who are involved in the development of the expressway.

Moreover, the Delhi part of the expressway is already complete as it was just a short portion of 4km. Out of this 4 km, 3.2 km has already been built.

Still, there are a lot of areas of the project which needs to be developed properly and it will take time before developers can start building townships and residential buildings on the expressway. After the expressway will be completed, work will start on the various sector roads and the 8 lanes of the expressway as well. The sewerage lines of the expressway also have to be completed well in time.

So, if you have been looking for properties in this region, it is time you meet the developers and enquire about their projects today.


Within this property market, the marketing that you simply do for commercial sales and leasing can help create enquiry. Considering that many towns and metropolitan areas have some downturn in property activity, it really is vital that you target audience commercial and retail property right buyers or tenants because the situation might be.

Needed Spend

The very best marketing campaigns are vendor funded since enquiry needs to be optimised. A vendor spend of approximately 1% from the selling price is suitable within the situation of the property for purchase. When the property will be marketed for leases then your equation of house owner invest in marketing ought to be in line with the needed marketing required to take advantage of the targeted tenant market.

Exclusive Listings Please

Agents listing qualities for purchase or lease should seek exclusive listing appointments and listing terms with a minimum of 4 or even more several weeks. The home might take an acceptable period of time to produce the best enquiry. That being stated, the proprietors of property ought to be helped to know the real market conditions nowadays, and just where their home cost or rent sits. There’s no reason in marketing a house for purchase or lease when the asking figure is well above market conditions.

Here are a few suggestions to plan and structure a house advertising campaign:

To research the neighborhood to determine precisely what other qualities of comparable type do. Exist excessive vacancies or qualities for purchase? How lengthy were they available on the market and what’s the present selling price or rent? You’ll need these details before you decide to plan your marketing efforts.

Out of your existing database you will be aware exactly what the current amounts of property enquiry are just like and just what individuals individuals are searching for. Take a look at database to determine the way your new listing could fit the enquiry presently.

Most buyers and tenants that acquire or rent a brand new property will range from surrounding world of business. That may be the nearby 5 kms approximately. It’s outstanding just how much enquiry you may create whenever you frequently cold call and prospect this number of property proprietors and companies.

Most (75%) of the marketing funds ought to be put in the very first 6 days from the campaign. Then your home is all new and fresh towards the local enquiry. During this period, the selected ways of marketing ought to be tracked for effectiveness and success. If something isn’t working, change it out.

Over time of 5 several weeks, and when the home isn’t offered or rented, it might be better to accept property openly from the market and perform a direct method of companies and property proprietors. This provides the home time for you to refresh and become readily available for new enquiry as it pertains in.

Today, the qualities which are offered or rented are often the effect of a dedicated marketing effort and concentrate. This states the campaigns happen to be well-rehearsed and implemented. A high agent today puts more effort to their exclusive listings, understanding that they control the stock and also the enquiry. The greater enquiries that you could extract on every advertising campaign, the higher the chance that you could match parties to some effective property transaction.